Automated Quality Inspection

Automated quality inspection in a manufacturing process with real time image processing.

The tool does quality inspection of specific material during the manufacturing process, where main checks include 
the verification of strings straightness and parallelism, steel continuity, curves symmetry and alignment.
Additionally it checks the entire material width, rotation angle, the positioning of specific points on the strings, overlaps and redundant peaces of material. 

We took the tool at an initial state and brought it to the next level of quality, performance, accuracy, variety of checks and evaluation algorithms.

Periodically we were modifying and optimizing the algorithms to reach a speed matching the business goals. 
The achieved performance is radically improved enabling more than 10 types of checks being performed on a lightweight, small form factor computers  in real time.

As a result we got a production ready tool.

Demo Video

C++ OpenCV Python

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