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Work with experienced computer vision developers to implement custom-built machine vision solutions that automate processes, speed up operations, and add real business value.

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World-class expertise in developing custom machine vision apps

For years, we’ve been developing software for embedded systems across retail, healthcare, agriculture, robotics, security, automotive, and industrials. Using the latest and most powerful algorithms in deep/machine learning, we can help you build smart computer vision systems including key components like…


Face Detection & Recognition

Our developers have a profound understanding of all widely used face recognition and detection techniques, including the Discriminative Deep Metric Learning face recognition algorithm. Need an accurate face detection solution capable of achieving real-time speed? We’d be delighted to help.


Precise Object Detection & Tracking

Looking to enhance your surveillance system, enable safe autonomous driving, improve manufacturing efficiency, or anything similar? We leverage deep learning techniques to develop advanced object detection solutions that solve real business problems with the precision and accuracy you expect.

Document Layout Analysis & OCR

We’ve built and implemented smart solutions that automate text detection, analysis, and processing. Want to learn more about how OCR technology can help you increase productivity, accuracy and operational efficiency, or maybe you need help with an upcoming/ongoing project? Drop us a line - we’d love to discuss your needs and gauge a fit!

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