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Softhenge’s development team combines a burning passion for innovation with years of experience in emerging and mature technologies. Our rich portfolio, skilled team, and continuous use of the most effective practices and tools enable us to swiftly and successfully transform all of your ideas into superior technology solutions.
Engineering Tool
A cross-platform engineering tool
PyQt Data Visualization TurboActivate
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Basketball Highlight Tracker
Tool that automatically tracks highlights in basketball videos
Tensorflow FFmpeg Python Node.js
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Image Processing Tool
An image processing software working with industrial cameras
OpenCV Qt C++ IDS
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Energi Cryptocurrency (contributor)
A new cryptocurrency
Blockchain Dash/Bitcoin C++ Qt CUDA/OpenCL
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Document Reader
Extracting text from scanned documents
Tesseract OpenCV C++
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Automated Honeypot System
A cutting-edge defense mechanism against potential security breaches
Docker Qt C++ Honeypot Networking
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Portrait Image Validator
An automated solution to portrait image validation
Rekognition Node.js
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Face Recognizer
A tool to demo face recognition accuracy/performance with different parameters and algorithms
Dlib PyQt5 OpenCV-Python Face Recognition
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Real-Time Boat Tracker
High accuracy tracker based on object detection
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Energy Bike App
Embedded application to display energy bike stats
RB Pi SQLite Serial Port C++ Qt
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Email Explorer
Intuitive email explorer, that enables easy browsing of EML files from a file system
C++ Qt Mimetic
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Backup Pro for Blackberry 10
The ultimate backup solution for Blackberry 10
QML Cascades C++ BB10
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